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Specialty Issues

Panic disorders
self esteem/body image issues
Relationship issues
Coping skills

Deanna Herbol, Resident in Counseling

Therapy Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Person Centered
Trauma Focused
Motivational Interviewing  

​“Most human suffering is related to love and loss and the job of therapists is to help people acknowledge, experience, and bear the reality of life- with all its pleasures and heartbreak.” -Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. 

As a counselor, I strive to create an open, honest, and compassionate space for each individual I meet. I believe in meeting clients where they are at while they explore their life experiences and struggles. 

I have worked with many clients who experience anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem issues, and other mental health disorders. I believe in working collaboratively with clients while providing tools that can be utilized in their daily lives. Through the use of mindfulness, we can work on living in the present moment while finding acceptance in our past and future. 

I am a believer that we all have the opportunity to find peace within our lives. My approach to therapy is to work with each individual holistically and to help find balance in all facets of a client’s life.