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Speciality ​Issues:
Academic Underachievement/Poor Academic Motivation
Anger Management

Abandonment and Grief Reactions
Behavioral Issues
Mild to Moderate Autism
Adjustment Difficulties due to family conflicts and Divorce
Coping Skills

Fears and Anxiety Issues

Peer and Social difficulties

Coping Skills related to Medical Illnesses
Self Esteem

Joy P.Kannarkat, Ph.D.
Clinical Child Psychologis

Dr. Kannarkat earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology from Howard University, Washington, D.C.  He completed his clinical training in Pediatric Psychology at University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore, and in Clinical Child Psychology at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.  He joined the faculty of Norfolk State University in 1975. Became a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in 1978 and had the dual career as a tenured professor and a practicing clinical psychologist until he retired from the professorship in 2012 after 37 years. During his tenure at NSU, “Dr. K” taught thousands of undergraduates as well as hundreds of Clinical Psychology graduate students. His administrative positions included being the Director of Master’s Program in Community/Clinical Psychology (1981-1985), and Director from NSU (1980-2001) for the Virginia Consortium (College of William &Mary, EVMS, NSU, and ODU) for Professional Psychology that trained doctoral clinical psychologists (PSY.D.).

 “Dr. K” specializes in the treatment of children, infants and up, with developmental delays, fears & anxiety, ADHD, oppositional defiant & angry behaviors, depression, self-esteem & identity issues, mild to moderate autism, adjustment difficulties due to family conflicts & divorce, abandonment & grief reactions, peer & social difficulties, coping difficulties to medical illnesses, and underachievement or poor academic motivation. His treatment methods include individual therapy, family therapy, and consultation with teachers, school counselors, physicians, lawyers, and other health care providers. His goal is to work toward happy, well-mannered, confident, and achieving children for our society.  He is a Life Status Member of the American Psychological Association and a Member of the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. 

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