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Dr. Debb has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia since 2013 and has worked in clinical, academic, and research settings. His training is rooted in Adlerian individual psychology—an approach to counseling that helps patients explore and better understand the connections between their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, purpose, and motivations. Having an Adlerian background allows Dr. Debb to integrate a wide-range of approaches into his work, most notably person-centered, positive, and cognitive-behavioral treatments that are easily tailored to short and long-term approaches to mental health care. 

Many of the people Dr. Debb typically works with are experiencing significant changes in their life, often resulting in (or from) stressors and traumas that negatively impact quality of life. Dr. Debb sees many patients whose coping mechanisms are no longer functional for them, so that often relied upon methods of dealing with everyday issues have become dysfunctional or otherwise unhelpful. When this occurs, it results in a wide range of uncomfortable consistent with (for example) depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, and these often lead to frustration, anger, feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, loss of pleasure in life, and sometimes even to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. 

Dr. Debb takes a holistic approach to helping his patients by catering treatment to meet the needs of each individual based on their unique strengths and what they identify as being most important in their lives. Some of Dr. Debb’s patients prefer working on a few specific goals over a relatively short time frame while others prefer a longer-term approach that allows them to better understand themselves on a deeper level. Dr. Debb has worked with individuals and families, men and women, adults and teens, parents and children, and everyone from athletes seeking to enhance their mental toughness to executives looking to be more productive at work. Dr. Debb sees a wide range of people seeking help, the majority of his patients tend to be adult males experiencing difficulties with adapting to, and coping with, changing roles and responsibilities throughout the course of their lives. 

Scott Debb, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor